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Manimal # Posted on October 26, 2013 at 5:54 pm

@iloveyou, “The shapes it makes is considered to be apart of sacred geometry like the Fibonacci sequence or phi.”

-It seems you have misunderstood the concept, sacred geometry is not about particular numbers.

“you see the effects it can induce.”

-The claimed effects of binaural beats aren’t really proven. The power of suggestion is immense. One thing that is proven though, is that binaural beats can induce seizures on some people.
Not hating, I use (and make) binaural beats sometimes and get some results, but I doubt that they really came from the beats.

“Can music on the radio or from a musician we like effect the way we feel, think, or act? ”

-Well, yeah. Of course it can, that’s why people like it. Different intervals, tempos and so on convey different moods and “soundscapes.”
Ever wonder why almost all huge disco and house songs play at 127-130 bpm? Because that tempo range makes people wanna get up and jack (and it syncs fairly well with the average person’s heart beats.)
Ever wonder why most metal songs use the same intervals? It’s because those intervals are the most aggressive-sounding ones.
Ever wonder why the tritonus interval is banned in church music? Because people back in the day thought it sounded evil.
Ever wonder why most music is either 4/4 or 3/4 and not 7/9 or 12/17? It’s because we somehow percieve 3/4 and 4/4 as more smooth and continuous and catchy.

A tiger’s roar stuns its prey due to a sub-sonic frequency (infrasound) that triggers a reaction in their nervous system.
These same frequencies have been found to make some people depressed.
At a famous “haunted” catacomb in Britain, an old fan was found to be what was giving people the creeps, due to it producing sound at that same frequency; when they replaced the fan the “hauntings” stopped.

“I’ve read a bit about was a person using a device that could act like a dog whistle but to humans”

-These things are used a lot these days actually, usually in shops, I’m not really sure why but I remember that the reason wasn’t scientifically backed. Some people can hear these signals, but most can’t. I can hear them, and they’re very annoying.

“you can find videos and documents, scientifically backed or DIY experiments, of this in action.”

-These sorts of theories are always interesting, but in the end they never add up. If such fantastic methods were known and used back in the day, why would people have just stopped using them completely? Why would we be struggling with inferior tools and methods?
As for the scientific backing, that’s what all far-out theorists claim, but that’s a misuse of the word “scientific.” Pseudo-science is not evidence.

“What opinions do you hold between the relationship of sacred geometry and sound?”

-Sound is nothing but vibrations. Frequencies are represented as numbers, sound can be considered mathematical. “Sacred geometry” does not apply, but “sacred mathematics” does (the former being a sub of the latter.)

“Is there anything you’ve learned about one of these two topics that convince you that there is something great about these subjects, or that it’s all just hooplah?”

-Yep. Many small bits that accumulate.
However, most of the stuff people claim is nothing but hooplah.