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Alex # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 9:25 pm

@rickyferdon, Before I ‘understood’ the things I do now, the first few things that had interested me were the concept of zero, Nothingness, and circles. My first post on this website over a year ago was about how GOD=0. I’ve come a long ways, and I dropped the whole God part of it (unless I want someone to fully ‘understand’ me) One of the things I came across was something called Null Physics. It basically states that Something is what the internal structure of Nothingness looks like. We are nothing.

What you are saying is really connecting a lot of dots for me. I need to ‘think’ about this a little more. For some reason, as much as i’ve thought about dimensions and shit, I’ve never thought about the impact of a boundless Universe would have an impact on that. I’ve always thought we create our reality, but not sure how to eloquently put that into logical words. I think I keep getting closer though.

@blankey, I think we may have discovered why possibilities and probabilities are so important in quantum mechanics. It creates perception for us. Free will chooses, and in choosing, it creates more and more possibilities. This thread is doing so much for me right now.