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Anthony # Posted on August 12, 2012 at 6:48 pm

In regards to the part about some of your blissfully ignorant classmates being “nerds,” certainly “intelligence” is not a prerequisite for critical and thoughtful reflection of ourselves and our society. Susceptibility to complacent non-thought seems to occur at all levels of intelligence and independent of factors like upbringing and socioeconomic status. That all-too-rare feeling we have, that sense of connection to our world and those around us (physically or philosophically) comes almost spiritually. It is a realization that cannot be taught or read or even understood, it’s more fundamental than that. It strikes suddenly and unprompted, as a glimpse of the truth of our condition both as humans and fellow sentient beings on this planet. This insight prequels the academic and intellectual endeavours that follow, the research into the state of the world hidden behind media narratives and ignorance. Maybe being “special” isn’t chosen, it just happens and can’t be denied…