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Christian # Posted on August 10, 2012 at 7:41 am

@thelaughingfool, Don’t try to convey your point from the very beginning. Instead, try to understand the viewpoint of your father. This is important, so don’t fake interest, but really try to understand that viewpoint. If there’s something “stupid” in his viewpoint (for example something which is not common sense), try to make that clear to him by suggestive questions (Wouldn’t that be bad… whatever?). Questions are “softer”, and if you’re too aggressive, he might be personally attacked. The point is that the discussion must stay on an objective level.
Also don’t try to propose your own viewpoint via those suggestive questions (he will notice that), stay “neutral”.
Now you try to debunk his arguments one at a time.
After a while he may see that his viewpoint is not as he thought it is, and may ask for a solution or how YOU would do it. That’s the time you bring your arguments. And now that you even know his viewpoint, you can adjust your arguments to what he thinks is important.