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Manimal # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 2:18 pm

@tangledupinplaid21, “but I can never seem to commit to anything because I will be super excited about an idea and lose interest, sometimes within a few hours, sometimes a few days.”

-That’s a matter of habit. If you stick with things, they become exciting again after a while. Inspiration feeds on itself, actions become habits.

“Does anyone else experience this? Is this “normal”?”

-Lots of people do, it’s normal. It’s not really a problem either, it’s just a matter of preferences, definitions.

“I have abused a lot of drugs in my past, maybe this is the cause?”

-Nah, lots of peope have done that, you don’t see them all acting like this. I used to be a druggie, my mood is stable.

It’s not the drugs, it’s the tendency that leads to the drugs. The drugs are an effect, not a cause. A symptom.
If you stop looking for quick fixes, you will get over this issue. Because that’s all it really is, an addiction to a feeling/state/sensation.

If you go without the brief inspiration you get from these impulses for a while, you will not have this issue, and you’ll find a deeper and more lasting inspiration.
There’s always plenty of impulses that can give quick fixes, but in the end you always end up depraved of something else.

“If you also experience this, do you force yourself to be consistent with things anyway or do you just accept your ups and downs?”

-There’s no forcing it, suppression is bad. It’s more like surfing, (or wrestling, riding, yoyoing, whatever) gotta move with the momentum, be smooth.

“I could probably be diagnosed with some disorder if I were to want to get checked out, but I don’t.”

-Anyone would, especially young women. Doesn’t mean it’s true.