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Barbara # Posted on August 11, 2012 at 11:35 am

I love meeting new people but as a people watcher I’ve learned some interesting things about eye contact. In Latin cultures it is considered rude and provocative to stare into peoples eyes, especially for woman. A woman looking at a man for longer than a few minutes is considered wanton. The same for many Asian countries and Arab countries, remember just because it’s the good old USA doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned their culture. Also because I’m older I’ve had friends that tell me how frightened they get by young people starring at them, again remember we’re bombarded with threat warnings all the time on TV. So I’m sure in states with a lot of older people there are those that are actually fearful of young people. Habits die hard in cultures but keep on reaching out. I’ve even had young people look at me like I must be daft because I strike up conversations with them. But I always find a way to bring a smile if by nothing else than saying nice tattoo, or love your look. I’ve made many friends just by being first to speak.