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Anonymous # Posted on August 10, 2012 at 12:23 pm

@breeep, I’ve had plenty of similar experiences like this, except the force you felt is usually accompanied by a voice in my situation. I was walking through my old town, around 11 at night, which I did on a day to day basis, that town was my town, in a sense (small town, big mentality). I was going to cut through along the river apartments, which were extended over the river (wicked cool) and when I went to turn down the alley way (it was dark as fuck, nothing outta the usual) I got hit with this wall almost. I stopped, tried to ignore it (because this type of shit happens to me all the time) and went to walk forward where again I got hit with this wall, and I heard very loud, and very clear, my grandfathers voice yelling “Allie, NO, TURN AROUND.” Of course, that stopped me dead in my fucking tracks, because he’s been dead for several years. That scared the fucking shit out of me, and I listened and turned around.

Ended up in that EXACT spot someone that went down there shortly after I turned around got assaulted by two men at knife point.

Another time I got yelled at was by my second mom, again she was dead, again I experienced the same wall hitting sensation, which after my grandfather yelling at me I started to listen to those urges, and again I got yelled at by a dead person while getting hit with a wall.

I can’t explain it, I never will be able to, nor do I think anyone ever will. However, don’t ignore it or ever fight it. Something in us knows when there’s something dangerous lurking ahead, whatever it may be. Turn around, bright eyes.