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LeWiZa # Posted on January 22, 2013 at 5:52 pm


It’s great and all to say you have a great idea, but people often have a positive bias towards their own ideas. Plus an idea like this needs an implementation plan, risk mitigation plan, financial planning, financial management, marketing (or awareness plan). An idea is only a concept, it needs plans to become a legitimate thing. Also a bit of luck goes a long way as well. What makes your idea so good?

Also if it could truly do what you said, you’d have to prepare for the onslaught of pre established banking interests, which if you haven’t noticed are pretty damn established everywhere. If you didn’t pull it off properly you would probably just get killed, threatened, or have your public image so brutally torn to shreds that no one would want to look at the system. Even if it was perfect, most people don’t properly research anything anyways; they would hear the news, read the one article, or hear the one passing comment by their friend and then dismiss it.

There is plenty of ways to go about fixing the central banking system, and using something that actually has value as opposed to printed paper that is made out of thin air (creating debt). The gold system was a previously used one, however that fell apart as countries abandoned it and/or printed more money than gold they had redeemable in their vaults (lack of transparency). This caused them to become insolvent and when news of this leaked, countries owning the debt to these countries started redeeming their bonds in gold. However there was more debt then gold. This is why we use a “legal tender” system for money nowadays. Money grows on the printing presses, so it’s easy to get, so we can have that always needed economic growth (read in sarcastic tone). Of course at the expense of others.