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Tine # Posted on January 25, 2013 at 11:01 am


–Not sure if relationships do that.–

if you approach it with this much doubt you likely will be consciously/subconsciously looking for signs of it failing, making them feel more frequent then they may be and causing you to react strongly if you see something, even if in reality it is minor or infrequent,

relationship changes come in waves, as in, the habit at its peak represents a tidal wave and as change occurs the wave gets smaller and smaller, sometimes this decrease is immediate but most often, a habit does not change overnight, people need to learn new habits but to do so they need someone to be understanding when they slip up, give them another chance, not make a big deal about it, let it go,

and only after this is tried and the tidal wave never decrease or only decreases a little, can you truly attribute there is no change,

i don’t know you or really how you meant what you wrote, but it seemed like you were approaching this new beginning with its failure in mind, this has the potential of creating a self fulfilling prophecy if you are not careful. if you already know all of this, my apologies.