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Mike Wuest # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 12:01 pm

@mallorn, Yep what I think this boils down to is that the final frontier of freedom, the most important one, is not anything external. It’s an internal thing. I think America, while being externally “free,” is actually starting to become one of the least free places in the world, because people are losing their internal sovereignty without even realizing it. The external stuff is only a facade.

And @verona, I like the parent-child analogy, because you can definitely relate it to a societal level too. Societies dictate how parents raise children. But the way parents raise children can also direct societies too.

, Yeah it’s almost like other parts of the world are going through what America went through 50-200 years ago. America I think is at the forefront of all of this, and therefore at the forefront of decay as well.

The thing is, it’s harder to see here, but easier to combat. Because on one hand, we do have external freedom (for now…), but without internal sovereignty none of that really matters all that much. And as the battle turns from a physical battle for freedom to a psychological one, it does get harder to see, but at the same time the individual has much more power to confront what is occurring if he can start to see what’s going on.

Once you can control the way a people thinks and get them to enjoy servitude, you can go back and take away physical freedoms without any dissent. It’s like traumatizing someone into compliance by beating them into submission without having to use any physical force. No wonder there are so many school shootings in America. So much suppressed rage.