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savmot # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 2:02 pm

@fucksake, Do you know what depression is? You don’t have to be depressed ‘about’ something, there are different types and reasons for depression.
Being condescending and insensitive certainly isn’t helpful.

, To be honest, despite what other people have said about ‘you should talk to your parents’ etc. This:

I poured the entire bottle into my hand after she threatened me for yelling. She said “go a head, ill help you.”

is not good. No parent should say that to their child. But obviously, we are only getting one side of the story.
When I was 15 (15 years ago…) I suffered from depression, self harm, suicidal feelings, paranoia, hallucinations, and various other mental problems (that may actually fall into the paranoia bracket – just things like not thinking when I was around people because I thought they could read my mind, or singing really loudly in my head suddenly if I caught my not being able to sit in the middle of a room – even my bedroom – because I constantly felt there was something evil behind me), basically, life was fucking horrible feeling like that. So, saying that, concerning your mums comments, I know that my behaviour at this time in general to my parents was hostile, aggressive, and in addition they were incredibily worried about me.

Ask yourself if it’s possible that your behaviour due to your mental problems has pushed them to the edge? Is that why your Mum might have said that? Is your dad snooping through your stuff in a desperate attempt to find out what might be wrong with you?

Only you can look at your situation and honestly answer this.

I suggest you have a thorough read through of all the articles on this website. Meditation and spirituality helped me a lot when I was younger.