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Kuba # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 7:30 pm

I used to be extremely suicidal. Eventually I somehow just stopped. The thoughts and constant feeling of hopelessness became so overwhelming that I just broke out of it. I started reading a lot of books, things that personally interested me. The more I read the less thoughts i had. Mainly because my mind was to preoccupied with the books and topics I was interested in.

Dont give in, I went to the hospital four times in my life for suicide. Its way better to fight it and become better. Trust me, no matter how dark you feel inside, no matter how many things happened to you, you will become better and you will prevail. All you need is believing that it can change and it totally can! The pills are horrible, I was on them as well and they made all my anxiety and depression worse. I was literally a zombie. I wasn’t sad anymore but I wasn’t happy either, it was a grey zone in the middle. Depression can be be beaten you just need a lot of willpower to change that mind set, it’s hard but it’s not impossible.