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James # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 6:09 am

Not many people know I came close to jabbing a fairly large pair of fabric scissors into my heart. Walking into the road, hoping someone wouldn’t stop in time. Jumping out the top floor of my college head first. Yet, in my gut I felt a serious and sharp wrench that made every cell of my body shout with my voice to stop.

I am going to just reply to you directly. @stick2skript, I have (like I said above) gone to do it but I have always stopped myself. I realised it was stupid and selfish to go through with it. I thought no one would miss me, I was the centre of everything bad that has happened to anyone I cared about and that I shouldn’t be allowed to carry on doing that. You just need to realise that no matter what happens, you can do alot more alive than you would ever do when you are dead. I knew there was alot in my life I had left unfinished and I would leave alot more unaccomplished. I was constantly told I would never make it anywhere, I am an idiot, I would never have a girlfriend, I will always be alone (in every sense) and yet here I am. I’ve had a girlfriend since then (despite it ending bad), I have so many great friends, I love my family and I could never imagine a world without me.

All our situations are different, hell we don’t even know each other. Yet, here you are. Tugging on everyone’s hearts and getting replies. Whether or not they are helpful. You have touched people across the world. Just picture how big the world actually is and how you have received compassion from total strangers.

You, this person who you see before you in the mirror. The words you hear people describe yourself are mere illusions. What you need to find is the person deep down inside and let them surface. Whether that person means you change how you dress, how you talk or anything. If you feel happy and “yourself” while doing it then do it. It really does not matter because you would be happy.