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Ray Butler # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 3:35 am

@haileyhuber, The way I think depends entirely on the feedback of others. People do not realise this, people may see what I write and conclude I have thought long and hard about these things and I don’t need them at all, but this is not true, in reality I do not know much at all, I am just inspired. If someone did not ask me I would never have thought about it, so everything I say is not so much for the benefit of others, who ever is asking or reading, but are actually momentary glimmers of realisation I am having.

Ultimately I hate rhetoric, regurgitating the same old lines of acquired philosophy over and over again, I like to take that stuff and own it, mould it to each discussion in new ways, always with the intent, not to make the same points, but to find new ways to make points and ultimately to find new points themselves.