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Anonymous # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 5:06 pm

@saikoubambino, If people don’t understand the full meaning of your words, you have no idea how to express yourself understandably. Of course, a lot of people can relate because this kind of attitude is spreading all over the place.

I’d also advise you to not consider that some people know more than others, but consider their improvisation skills and if you are one that inspires creativity in them. Creativity means experience, and experience means learning. Expertise doesn’t mean shit.

The thing is, people complicate themselves to the point they become simple to others. The pattern of their self-complication is the same. They are not superior to anyone, but their own simple understanding of themselves.

One can boast about being inventive, about breathing for being creative, and being willing to learn.

Hell if I know what you mean by ‘spiritual egotism’. You might as well use a similar soft language to excuse imaginary ‘arrogant souls’.