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bona36 # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 3:10 pm

I too, swore off synth after collapsing on the garage floor one too many times. But not before a series of hell-and-back experiences, including the time when, after just one cone, I’d died and gone to purgatory, watching the wallpaper pulsate and shudder like fire, my world spinning out of control, heart pounding through my shirt, unable to speak or move. Or the time when, scared shitless, I forced myself into bed because in my head I’d died and my family were upstairs were on another metaphysical level that I couldn’t reach, and then began experiencing visions where I was spinning as a black blob in a sea of blood red, physically dead, and waiting for the final hammer blow to render me unconscious for good.
How I survived this shit I’ll never know. I’ve injured myself too many times. It’s NOT safe. It’s some unconscionable chemist’s concoction. I’ve run the gamut of drugs but I’ve NEVER experienced anything like this. Why it’s not banned in Australia is beyond me.