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The_truth_is_ # Posted on June 5, 2012 at 1:26 pm


Snowboarding, skateboarding, DnD, reading novels, reading philosophical articles, debating, comics, writing short stories, writing poetry, pencil drawings, building steampunk equipment, video games, building arcade machines (from scratch with an engineering friend), boardgames (real ones like Catan, Caylus, Last Night on Earth, and Mansions of Madness), card games (yugioh), building pc’s, carpentry, guitar, drums, kung fu (Ying Jow Pai), airsoft, role-playing (my friends and i sit around, pick an era, make personalities, and have conversations as if we were people from that time), etc etc etc etc. (I can’t remember the rest off of the top of my head and I need to get back to writing my papers)

I’m much better at the least active stuff (except kung fu, i’ve always been really good at that).