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DaJetPlane # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 10:13 am

@aono, I love someone with a great sense of humor and I also sense that you have enough sarcasm in yours to get most of my jokes. I realized very quickly that sarcasm that goes as deep as mine can doesn’t usually belong on the internet. People start accidentally taking me seriously and I wind up having to apologize for something that was initially supposed to make them laugh.

I do hate when people claim to be too good or too nice or whatever. Like, for real, no such thing even exists and I can’t help but wanna just be like “you suck for what you just said…there is your bad side.”

I am SUPER lazy! Oh man am I lazy…I love me some lounging and and not even close to conscientious enough to go and workout. I tried lifting weights with a few friends for like 2-3 months and then it just kinda tapered off. I really need to get started running before I swell up like a balloon but….maybe tomorrow ;)

I don’t really get angry though. Part of the laziness/apathy…I just don’t give a crap if someone does something that makes me angry, at least not enough to react on it.

You definitely can spill more about yourself than this if you want to!

-I really don’t care for ice cream
-I barely read anything because I’m picky (something that makes me sad)
-What is the Prodigy?