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A.O.N.O. # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 11:16 am

I’m reminded of a line from this Bloc Party song that says, “You’re just as boring as everyone else”, and to paraphrase – I think I’m just as boring as everyone else, so for now, I can’t really think of anything particularly special more to share…
except here’s a little something none of my personal acquaintances know: for reasons varying from having unsolvable (is this a word?? English is not my maternal language, and I apologize for how bad I am at it) personal issues, to just the general conviction that life altogether starts going downhill after you reach 25, I’m considering checking out from this planet a bit early, if I could put it that way. I’m not saying it to be dramatic or draw more attention to myself, it’s just something I’ve been very calmly thinking about for quite some time now. Hey, at least if I suddenly stop posting over here, you’d know what happened ^_<
I feel more comfortable sharing this on this website that with my friends, because I know I wouldn't get any conveyer-belt-made wisdom along the lines of "there's always a way out, don't ever ever give up, sugar lollipops up a unicorn's arse". At least I'll know any opinions I might get would be genuine.
But before I go, my friend, there is something I must absolutely do, no matter what – and that is answer your last question…
What do you mean 'WHAT IS THE PRODIGY'?! Oh Sweet Jesus and all his sonic angels, have you been sitting on your own ears thus far in your life?! (Now I don't mean that offensively or anything, but… oh man!) Now, there are way too many awesome tracks to be able to choose just one to introduce to you as the first, I feel a little like the kid they accidentally locked in the candy shop overnight… but hey, you gotta start somewhere – so why not with this: