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who # Posted on August 12, 2012 at 3:21 pm


You’re going to start shitting like 5 times a day. this will continue for a week or so.

You ‘re going to start feeling faster than everyone else, like time is slowing down. Veins will start to show in your forearms. You will start remembering things that you wouldn’t have before, like someone’s birthday, and you will look sentimental when in fact you are just superhuman.

You will start ranting to your friends and family about “enzymes” and “denatured proteins,” asking them to try a sip of your “not that bad” green smoothie or your

You will not be able to eat anything else because most foods, to put it plainly, suck. You will start to sense things, like the vitality of a tomato. Someone will remark how they grew it in the backyard and you will say, instinctively, “Did you use miracle grow?” and they will say “Yes.” and you will say “Thought so” and look like a complete dick, but hey, I’m not trying to deplete my minerals here.

These are all good signs, now get ready for the rest of your life.

P.S. Listen to these guys:

Dr. Robert Cassar
David Wolfe
Paul Chek
Daniel Vitalis

and buy some food from here:

you’ll thank me for that last one