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Author Replies # Posted on August 12, 2012 at 4:40 pm

i’m a holistic nutritionist, and for a lot of clients, it is best to remind them to listen to their bodies. the 80-10-10 is a good method of eating, make sure the food you are consuming is balanced in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals….over consumption of one type is just as bad as under consumption! as long as you feel good, then continue on. your body will let you know what you need….there are a lot of sites that will tell you if you are craving a certain thing, it may mean a deficiency…like craving sweets could mean you are low on chromium, sulfur or phosphorus.
when you start a fast or detox, lead up to it….for a few days decrease solid foods and increase juices or soup, decrease onion and garlic, and pump up natural healers and detoxifying herbs. then do a stint of 3-5 days of liquid. you will feel amazing!

good luck! and happy eating!