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André SAN # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 3:31 am


Yea I think the message is rather clear. It is up to the individual to personally inquire into what really matters in life. As most of humanity is obsessed with finding external means of safety, control and confirmation. The one thing is probably an analogy for the one thing that a person holds dearest or most sacred. If it is a thing, something external, such as objects or images of kinds, these deteriorates over time. And as Buddhist say, holding on and craving are part of why there is suffering on this planet.

If the one thing is an adjective such as peace, freedom and kindness. The quest to obtain those means of objectives, if one has come to understand truth, is then the meaning of life one might state. To foster oneself completely, being full with what one is. Furthermore, external objects and places or whatever we hold on to, can help manifest the sought after objectives such as peace. But the external objects are not the source of peace, they re rather leverage of peace. As a beautiful forest opening might be good place to do “walking meditation”.
As the cowboy probably appreciates complete freedom, and doing his thing his way, being in love or “caught up” in a relationship might from his perspective be damaging his objectives of peace. Whether or not this is the case is irrelevant, as it is his life, but the pursuit of finding that one thing is individual, and requires a lot of self-knowledge and inquiry. Nevertheless, it is an important question and advise for humanity at large. What is the one thing, one thing, that one really is. Not wanting, but is, and how do one become it fully. Something that is, doesn’t want, something that is not wants.

Great scene!