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ZenCowboy # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 12:30 pm

An excellent and accurate interpretation! I knew you’d see the underlying truths in this. Thanks for such an in-depth contribution.

It is an unyielding lesson of inner peace. The younger man is all in his head with a thousand buzzing thoughts. It is the stern finger of the wise cowboy pointing at him that settles those thoughts, centers his focus and clears his perspective.
It is a lesson that in this age people need to stop the bullshit of life & Ego and just listen to their true self. Any and all problems one thinks they are dealing with in any moment, can instantly be settled by this “one thing” concept. Even if the one thing is unknown, often the mere pursuit can achieve peace and perspective.

This is a true explanation of The Cowboy Way. It is the way of inner peace and quality of character. It is clarity of mind and positive balance of ego & self. It is the knowledge that knowing your true self is the only true path.

Like he said – “We’re a dying breed”