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Goglosh # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 7:37 pm

I thought this thread was about how our condition (our education and such) leads every decision we make, so that when we make a choice it’s not actually that we have the freedom to choose but that we are bounded to choose by our past, our relationships, our definitions and view of the world, that there is not really a “free will”.
Then I started reading and I thought. Maybe it’s more specific (limited) as to how we choose to live in a world with no choice whatsoever, also due to our education and what they’ve told us on tv and made believe by our professors and shit. That is, to live in a society where the individual has an apparent freedom to choose whether he is a doctor or a lawyer, whether he marries this chick or the other, and what job he takes, as well as what brand of milk he buys. And how all those apparent choices only lead to perpetuate and mantain the very system that leads you to believe that “there is no choice but the system” and that we can choose to live another life (a thought I’ve had a lot lately) but we don’t know, or don’t want to know and choose to live this other life, where choice is but an illusion.
Then I realized it’s about the illusion to choose being a republican or a democrat, right or left wing, commie or capitalist, in a decaying political system where it’s leaders are all the same with exactly the same interests. Meh, I think I think things too deeply