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Joel # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 3:01 pm

@viner-cent, I’ve always felt that a generation can more or less be defined by their music. The music people create and choose to listen to is a reflection of how they’re feeling and what they value at the time. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop all define(d) their audiences. Music fans like music which connects to them in an emotional, ideological or circumstantial way. Anti-war rock during Viet Nam, bands like the Stones being vulgar/rebellious as the Baby Boomers came into their own, blues during The Depression, upbeat Jazz during the 20s etc.

On a personal level, you choose how much music defines/impacts you. Some people only hear music when the radio is on in the corner store. Others (myself included here) will burn one and listen to a full record top to bottom, letting the music take up every bit of real estate in their brains.

Something that’s gotten a lot of attention in the past decade especially is that popular music rarely has emotional value nowadays; I’m sure you’ve come across the “no good music out today” crowd. There’s plenty of meaningful stuff out there, it just doesn’t get attention because most of my (our?) generation would rather think about getting laid and making money than social/emotional issues. Conspiracy theorize all you like on that.