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Ryan Johnsen # Posted on August 10, 2012 at 7:09 am

Well yea, i dont want to kill anyone. Im an electrician for the marines, which means i may be going to afghanastan. Even tho i hope with all my heart that i dont have to see the worst this world has to offer, i think it will motivate me to no end to do everything in my power to help the world and the condition its in. Its one thing to talk about it my whole life but without the discipline and motivation im getting from the marine corps, i wouldnt have the nessesary things i would need to help the world. I risked my life to create all these new bridges to hopefully find one worth travelling. I am young and niave, but im trying my best to gain as much widom and become a better person. So i ask upon the HE members (a link to the vast knowledge of the ultimate reality) to help me along. So feel free to constructively critisize me (also my dad was in the marines for one term)