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Prittii # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 3:00 pm

@phoebs, I also grew up as Christian (catholic) and when I was teenager I decided to become atheist.

I was atheist during a long time in my life and I felt pretty embarrassed and stupid at first when I started to notice that God exists, and how I was actually so ignorant to think I knew better than the older people that teach me when I was a child.

During the years I was atheist, I had no wish of becoming a better person, or thinking about my soul and about life and purity. I thought science would teach me everything! I also read books and thought they would also teach me everything I need.

Now I think many scientists are people that are afraid of what they can’t know. They are control freaks… they want to understand everything, and what could be not-understandable, they consider unreal, imagination or myth. There are so many things that they will never be able to answer! Near death-experiences, miraculous cures, people that float with meditation, mediums that speak to spirits, etc. When you are atheist, you look for answers and deduct it could be the power of mind, fraud, hallucination… It seems so hard to accept that there is a God… and you know why?

Because they are afraid of God! Or they think God wouldn’t accept them! Or they think it was all an old impossible myth, because they can’t explain it and figure out! All negative! I can’t find a positive side of atheism!

In the end, if you want to REALLY know if God exist or not (without being afraid of finding the answer you won’t like at first), search for example the history of Chico Xavier (he could speak to spirits and did amazing things with his power), search about the weeping saints (many are scientifically proven as miracle), search about people that have near-death experience (a great documentary called “the day I died” will impress you!) .

When you put the answers together, you will see that there is no way God doesn’t exist! You’ll also understand that God was not like Christians, Muslims, Buddhists teach you… God is much better!