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KevinSG # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 11:23 am

@phoebs, I grew up in a Christian home, but slowly grew away with it. To me, religion, as a whole, is generally unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I am very spiritual (read “Conversations with God” to understand my spiritual viewpoints) and would like to learn more about all religions. My gf is currently interested in buddihsm after being atheist for most of her life, and the only quam she has so far is reincarnation.

I feel the reason atheists get bashed so is because they base their views on a very literal and scientific sense and thus argue using those tools and concepts (by logical theists, illogical theists, like my exgf’s mom and current gf’s mom think if you’re atheist you believe in the devil). Religion, by definition, purpose, and intent, lies outside the rules of physics and sciences that we go by, so why would we use them to try to prove if God is real or not? It’s like trying to see how well a fish swims by tossing it in the air.

Also, on facebook I’ve noticed this the most, is the arrogance a lot of my atheist friends have. They continue to post statuses and pictures mocking how stupid it is to believe in a god and how silly it is, how it is a lie of the mind, yadda yadda etc etc. I was talking to my gf about certain aspects of god and what people believe, and she pretty much threw her hands up and said it’s stupid. Me being a theist, I was quite hurt by her indirect attack. Have some respect for other peoples beliefs, no matter what they are. It’s quite offensive.

I don’t even think I can properly explain why religions will never agree with each other. Christians, for example, only see the light through Jesus, accepting him and submitting yourself to God, and if you don’t you’re doomed to eternal damnation. Which is why they do the good christian thing and tell everyone and force them to be christian. Then you have muslim extremists (Islam…? Forgive me, I’m not very familiar with them yet) that believe everyone that isn’t them are infidels and need to be purged. Overall, people will fight over differences more than they will unite over similarities.