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Kello # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 1:37 pm

Well first of all thanks everybody for your answers, I really love all of them ! :)

Then I’d like to precise that I started this thread only because I was curious to read your opinion on the matter, but this stupidly named “duality” I’m talking about isn’t really a problem for me at the moment, I think it has only been recently that I’ve been able to just laugh at all the seriousness with which I would rack my brain over pointless questions, have some fun on this crazy ride and just take it as it comes. Yeah, but still, sometimes I wonder.

@fercgomes, Yeah, anyway, even if it’s like this, I won’t try to get rid of it. I mean, I feel that it’s just plain stupid to consciously engage any active struggle against yourself, just peacefully go by the flow and patience will naturally bring balance.

@mcrliveit, No one should be, in my opinion, but I don’t know if no one is.

@filipek, I’ve never been that much attracted to junk food, even as an auto-destructive thing I feel like it’s wrong, just not fun anyway (I guess I’ll just crave it for a second if I walk in front of one of these diabolically efficent advertisements). Good luck walking the Middle Way, I wish you all the best but yeah, armed with patience and some tolerance towards yourself it can only be alright. I always try to remember and smile, “it’s just me, silly me” :)

@martijn, I’ve never heard of Zizek until now but I guess that’s kind of how I understood Nietzsche when I first learned about what the guy says. I remember I went through a short period of complete indifference, a bit depressed, and then thought “Oh fuck it, after all nothing really matters right ? Might as well to whatever the fuck I want and why not be happy, I’ll be a positive nihilist” Then you just have to balance the madness ! If you feel like it of course. But it’s too easy to be the right way, isn’t it ? How can I accept a reward if I didn’t suffer ? Ah we’re crazy…

@tangledupinplaid21, Yeah I don’t really wanna agree with that too, dance with passion and you’ll get to control it eventually, but come on, just trying to get rid of it isn’t fun, and what’s the point of something that isn’t fun ? Be moderatly creative and destructive and that’s it, you’re living.

@manimal, Hahaha, why not, but who isn’t trapped then ? I guess we shouldn’t bother as long as we’re able to laugh at it and just have fun.

@beyond, Yeah I haven’t thought the name of my oh-so-complicated theory through that much haha, it’s just silly words that seemed to resonate correctly when I choose to write them. Anyway, thanks for getting me to listen to some Oasis again :)

@imtheghostlight, Never try to fight, just adjust according to what you feel is right ! I guess someday I’ll just end up being in that middle-ground without noticing it :)

Phew, I think that’s why I was lurking so much, it always takes me hours to post something…