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Martijn Schirp # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 4:22 am

@fercgomes, Perhaps you can’t get rid of that dual pair since one is the same coin, but the a different side. But you can get a new duality, a new coin. Perhaps what OP is asking, why this coin?

Have you ever read upon Zizek’s western buddhism, or, hedonistic buddhism? He argues that it is the perfect complement to capitalistic ideology: techniques to relieve us from stress, some inner distance from the destructive workings of our current economic system, while at the same time being very permissive in what we can enjoy, not fundamental line between what is allowed and what is not. In a way, we enjoy capitalism a lot. We practice meditation, browse HE etc, but at the same time, we watch movies, go to parties, use drugs etc. In a way making us passive, the same thing continues on, nothing really changes.