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Cody # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 8:27 pm

It sounds like you two have shared intimate experiences together, may have even been each other’s firsts? Also sounds like the period you were together overlapped the time she met her future husband.

Do you think dreams can link between consciousness’ at all? Maybe with her getting married a while ago and going through all this christian guilt, perhaps she’s self-conscious about her teenage promiscuity and not saving herself bla bla.

Sorry to go so analytical on this which I know nothing about, but it makes me wonder why coincidences or patterns like that happen. Maybe she’s dreaming just as often about you and getting tangled in each other’s dreams because of the history and connection you’ve shared.

If I may ask, what path do you plan to follow now? Dreams do seem to be a message from our sub-conscious sometimes.