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JonH # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 11:14 pm

@versai, We weren’t each other’s “first” in any physical sense. The first day I met her, though, I remember crystal clear. It was 1st grade, I knew no one. I walked in, and she patted the chair next to her, eyes as big as saucers, smile as wide as can be. We instantly became friends.

We never were together. I tried multiple times, in different ways, but it was always “just friends”, which I was ok with as well. I started getting really angry with her at the end of high school when she started to pick and choose what months she wanted to be my “friend” and which she just totally ignored me.

Im in a relationship, which is very unstable at the moment. my path is very clouded. I have no idea. I won’t be contacting her for some time, if ever again.

Deep down, I wish she was dreaming of me. I wish it was some kind of communication, muddled by distance and misunderstanding… I wish that were the case.