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inna # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 1:56 pm

@kjbaran, so what are the people who are passionate about work that a robot can do are going to do? how are they going to get paid enough to survive or be valued? With that idea, the possibilities could include such as for example people who love cooking may be replaced by a well programmed robotic environment that can prepare that food faster and cheaper. We have three dimensional printers now, so someone passionate in sculpture by hand would have a choice to do that through 3d computer software or be useless against those who consider the craft obsolete due to printer having the same ability to fit the “job”. How can someone pursue their passion if all it is proving you can outdo the robotic employee in some way others would agree has value? Or be cool with spending their lifetime of translating their talents over into a computerized machine that will do the task they’re passionate about for them. A machine that won’t even feel any satisfaction or happiness from executing that job.