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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 12:30 pm

@mallorn, so you basically confirm everything I say about prostitution being bad. Because according to the first stat, “78% of 55 women who sought help from the Council for Prostitution Alternatives in 1991 reported being raped an average of 16 times a year by pimps, and were raped 33 times a year by johns. ” sounds like it again confirms what I say, that rape is very likely in this business, and I highly doubt rapists bother to use condoms first – inviting the spread of STDs, regardless of who is the aggressor. By the way, do those stats show how many of those rape cases were successfully prosecuted in court, or even went to trial at all? That’s what I’m getting at. Regardless of the law, the low status of prostitutes in society makes people believe that abusing them is okay, and the legal system, which is made of people who may well believe society’s taboos, doesn’t always care to do anything about it.

The legality of prostitution isn’t even the issue here – those stats alone just show that prostitution is a horrible life anyway. Even with changing the legal status and thus eliminating or decreasing the problem of pimps, the fact is that johns still do rape, a lot, and will probably continue to do so regardless of the legality of prostitution because they can count on it going unreported, or even if reported, unpunished.

Not every illegality is “durr, authority!” Yes, some things are illegal for no real reason or for shady reasons, while other things are illegal because they are actually bad.