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lifegamer # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:08 am

@xtine, I give a lot of credit to those who ‘service humanity’ with the compassion & heart that it needs. I give a lot of kudos to those who manage their business so that all involved feel good about themselves and what they are participating in…All profit of the process. It matters not what variety of service/business is being brought forward.

Funny, you brought prostitution up for thought…I have long had imaginings of being a most awesome Madame with a two-fold biz…One, supplying opportunity for those who enjoy the hospitality industry as ‘specialists in the field’ while creating a wonder-filled business for both employees & clients to be part of (an international franchise, perhaps!)…The other, a vigilante Bitch with a crew of ‘killa sistas’ who hunt down the unsavory pimps, abusers, & pedophiles, subtly, but most efficiently, removing them from existence. One biz fuels the other well & in wellness.
Always a fun thought…Might make a good movie, ya think? :D