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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 10:06 am

@alljuicedup, “Nevermind the fact that, as @dkivioja, points out, the legalizing and regulating of prostitution would actually make it much safer (for both the prostitute and the clients). Just as the legalizing and regulating of drugs would make that whole process safer as certain standards would have to be met.”

I never assumed to allow or disallow anything. I’m just a regular citizen with no legal authority. I only said that frankly I think prostitution is a pretty dumb idea for all parties involved, due to the huge amount of risk. Comparing using a prostitute to eating eggplant is nowhere near the same, one causes an unpleasant taste, the other could potentially kill you and anyone you come into contact with.

Ideally legal status would change things, but in an ideal world, one would not have to pay for sex in the first place. Besides, there’s always the risk of rape – much more so than with regular sex, because prostitutes aren’t respected by society. A client with an std, knowingly or not, could just decide to rape a prostitute and spread the disease. Due to the low social respect a prostitute gets, the law may not even do anything about it, or people might not even believe it in the first place, figuring, eh, she’s a prostitute and probably wanted it/is just looking for more money (not my personal views here, just saying, due to hundreds if not thousands of years of social taboo, prostitutes are generally not respected and their word is generally not taken too seriously). It’s just like if a porn star complained about rape….your average person in society just isn’t going to take that claim seriously. Look at what happens sometimes with rapes of people who wear revealing clothing, who aren’t even involved in any kind of sex trade…..there’s a lot of people who would say that they had it coming, although that’s not true.

Then there’s the whole money thing. A prostitute who is sick could just decide to keep working anyway because they know they need the money, and who cares about the guys she infects? They’re only johns, she figures, they’re creeps and who cares if they get sick and die. Then they get infected and spread the disease to whoever they sleep with next.