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Nightowl # Posted on June 5, 2012 at 7:49 am

@sonofsaul, you only have a partial understanding on that of which you speak.
Finite and infinite are complimentary and one cannot be without the other.

In finite matter, there is indeed a fixed number of atoms currently.
However that number is always changing. Stars constantly deconstruct and re-form new ones.
This means the number of atoms in the cosmos is infinite, as there is no limit to the potential, or how many there Can and Will be.

Think. It’s obvious with a little thought. How did all the atoms get here anyway? Did they come here from somewhere else? Is there a cosmic stash of just a certain number of atoms that has to be brought into our universe from elsewhere?

No. Everything is infinite, finite is a complimentary illusion of this spacetime moment.