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Justin # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 7:25 am

This sort of the thing always makes me uncomfortable. The first speech and then everyone agreeing on and on reminds me almost of some sort of hate-race rally. I am almost positive you don’t mean to, but the language used hints towards hate… even violence. It’s sorta scary.

I lean heavily towards Jordon in this. I don’t think there is a select group of people who control everything that goes on, who can so easily control an entire society and through it our minds. Though, I suppose there could be people who believe they are.

And whole ” Illuminati” thing doesn’t.. Whether or not you actually mention Illuminati in your post or not, when you draw such strong lines. When you say The Media or even ” They”, you summon images of the Illuminati without a doubt.

There are definitely little seeds of truth to what everyone is saying. Yea, pretty much all the media in the world is owned/controlled by a select few entertainment corporations. And honestly, beyond a doubt they abuse their power. But keep in mind, these companies are gigantic, spawning (hundred?)thousands of people.

I don’t think all the problems of humanity, even cultural and social “brainwashing”, are orchestrated by single ( or even many) people.