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Alan James # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 12:46 am

I kinda lost interest half way though the first page of this discussion when it turned out to be just a bunch of bashing on one another,…

But i just want to say that the world is going just fine.
everything is how it should be.
and we’re all (for the most part,) just a bunch of losers yelling at each other and trying to make everyone believe that WE are right and THEY are wrong. AND THAT’S JUST FINE. IT’S PERFECT REALLY,. i like all this commotion :] It just goes to show that the human race is still Trying to move forward and progress into something better. The pendulum continues to swing to one extreme to the other, but everything is moving on just fine. It’s creating changes. Changes which we all have to adapt to and learn to live with. The ones who do not know how to adapt will die and new ones (who have potential to understand and prosper) will take their places.

C’est la vie.

[[ to long; didn’t read Version of what i just said ]]: Keep on fighting one another and keep on loving one another! whatever works. Even if you’re completely wrong in what you had believed to be right or wrong in the end of it all; at least you did what you wanted and lived your life fighting for what you loved and believed in! and the future civilization of humanity will either honor your passion, or honor your minds. it’s all “bullshit whatever” in the mean time. So just keep being crazy, all of you <3
It'll be figured out in time.

& @beyond, i will defend your word to the grave my friend…. Even if your word is "titty sprinkles"
…..and man oh man…. i hope he says titty sprinkles…. *crosses fingers*