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JustHer # Posted on June 5, 2012 at 5:13 pm

@savus that’s just the attitude i’m talking about. this whole idea of us being the highest level of intelligence, who ever decided that, a human did. why is that true. because we do test to the limited knowledge we have on other creatures. they seem to be doing quite well on their own and would be better off without us. the only thing humans are go at is fucking and fighting. if its about quantity the insects have us at that. the insects are even quite complex themselves. The only thing we are worth is the matter that makes us up. when were dead we truly contribute back to the earth if were not pumped full of preservatives. every time i think of dead i always invasion it the way the Native Americans from my country did, like my great grandmother did. i feel like from where i live that art of living in harmony with nature has degraded with the times. We are all animals just because we are the species homo sapien does not mean a thing in death. this could all just be one huge experiment set into motion so many years ago by some gawky school boy for a science fair. So we should all just humble ourselves and remember it does not matter in the end, but make it good for all while you live.