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nina # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 8:27 am

So I don’t remember all the technical terms in the article I read about this, but there are basically several stages of “love”, such as infatuation/lust (where you’re probably be having a lot of sex), then attraction, where you take a slight step back from all the sex and actually look at your partner and decide if they are good enough to keep around, and I can’t remember what the last stage is called but it’s basically when you’re old and you’ve just kind of accepted each other.
Love is just a feeling, and feelings change. Basically you’re hoping that once that initial feeling of infatuation dims, there’s still attraction and a desire to still live life with that person.
But I agree with what you’re saying about taking people for granted, once you develop a routine you expect it to continue and if it doesn’t you get upset, when in reality they could have been going out of their way to continue doing this routine because they love you.
But these are all just my subjective thoughts, someone else could view things differently.