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Deepak # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 5:29 pm

@egarim, hehe, yea, that was just a kind of hedonistic fantasy…where I can appear to be perfect and have superhuman abilities in front of people (because of my ability to freeze time for others but keep it running for myself alone) and appear like God

But like you said, this totally falls apart once you start serious examination. Freezing time would stop EVERYTHING. So maybe something like, only my perception of time should increase and everyone else/everything else should happen at normal speed.

Kind of like Einstein’s speed of light riddles – if you travel around the world 10 times at the speed of light, you would be only minutes older but the world would be 10 years ahead, something like that, approximate numbers. But what I want is the reverse of that. Maybe a better example would be to simulate the peak of an LSD trip where people have reported 20 minutes of subjective time = one minute clock time. Then the only limit would be performing actions in the physical world i.e. using our body etc. Our mental life would be 20x richer and 20x faster.

So lets say we simulate that peak LSD state, then our lives would be 20 times richer and we would have 20x time. But for this to be a cool fantasy, only 1 person should have this power :P. If everyone has it, then it will lose its value.

After this ramble, I kind of conclude that perception is beyond time. The experience of perception/cognizance exists beyond space-time. And probably what we should really fantasize about is a super fast perception.

About going back in time, a fundamental question would be ‘Does the universe have a memory of sorts?’ Could we tap into this memory dimension and go back to some past era and be a witness of the happenings that time? But if you were to travel back in time and then influence events/people etc. then it would be a parallel universe.
You may be aware of the Gaia principle right ‘all organisms and their inorganic surroundings on Earth are integrated to form a single and self-regulating complex system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.’. So a change of even one variable would alter the entire universe from that moment.

About freezing time, I guess that would be a state similar to deep sleep/death where there is no awareness OR there is unified awareness everywhere where there are no objects, everything is one unified whole.

Another pointer for imagination of what freezing time would be is the absolute 0 (-273 deg C). I was just thinking today, what is heat basically? Its energy in the system that animates the particles etc. So at absolute 0 all the molecule/atom/electrons would come to a standstill. With absolutely no moment, visible time would stop (since time basically stands for change).

Just free associating and pondering. Let me know your opinions :)