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Thus Spoke Haze # Posted on March 27, 2013 at 6:44 pm

@philosophicalmeditator, I might be mistaken but I believe the what you might be referencing is “I think therefore I am,” but that concept only proves the validity of the self.

“The physical state of things are all produced by what we perceive it as.”
By this do you mean that a 20lb stone does not maintain its physical properties when my perception is skewed by ignorance or mind-altering substances?
Maybe this analogy will help explain my meaning:

A man and a boy are standing in a field of stones when the man points at a stone and tells the boy, “That stone seems to weigh only 10lbs, see if you can lift it.” The boy looks at the man and says, I cannot 10lbs is too heavy for me.” The man then points at another smaller rock and says, “This stone should be lighter, around 5lbs. Go and lift it.” The boy goes over to the stone that the man pointed at and lifted the stone and through it aside. The man then pointed at the original stone that he had told the boy to lift and said, “That stone there, it probably weighs the same around 5lbs.” The boy, without hesitation, ran to the rock, lifted it, and through it to the side as he did the other stone.

The point is the boy was able to lift and throw the 10lb stone the same as he did the 5lb stone despite doubting his abilities. His perception of the stone was skewed because the man had given the boy the wrong information to trick him. Regardless, the weight of the stone never changed. The physical properties were constant, while the perception was being altered.