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dylan # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 6:36 pm

I have noticed that some situations are greatly enhanced by Cannabis, where as others are lessened. At this point, smoking and then laying around/being on the computer/staying in or even hanging out with friends just chillin is detrimental to me. I feel shitty afterwards, my thoughts race, my mind is unclear, it’s lame. I have already smoked enough in these conditions to have worn out the beneficial effects of the plant.
However, I have more recently been using it with the purpose of connecting with my body, and it has really strengthened my mind-body connection, even when I am sober. I consume it before most workouts (bodybuilding), and it helps me gain a supreme state of focus, and increases my mind-muscle connection. My results have been not only physical (the development of the muscles in the exact way I train them) but Cannabis has helped me push myself beyond limits I thought existed beforehand. My workout intensity skyrockets, and all the benefits I receive while under the influence are translating to when I am sober. I have developed a much better connection to my body, which I think was sped up by the Cannabis. Also, instead of feeling lame during the comedown and afterwards, I feel incredible (mostly due to the training session, which was enhanced by the plant).
In conclusion, I think there is a lot to gain from Cannabis, but the amount is limited. Maybe just often experiencing something different while high is the key to maintaining its benefits.