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Zykanthos # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 6:21 am

1 – Presidential debates are privately organized. Who decides who gets to participate in presidential debates and what the format is? The public? The Senate? U.S. Citizens? The answer is none of these. It’s a group of unelected officials chosen largely by the Republican and Democratic parties called the the Commission on Presidential Debates. The debates themselves are sponsored by corporations (though what this sponsorship means is unclear). The debates are the only public discorse between candidates and should be protected from partisan and other influences.

2 – It’s impossible for most citizens to run for office. Obama and Romney spent $933 million and $841 million respectively in their 2012 campaigns. The costs of running for office mean it really narrows the demographics for who can participate. The test of who runs and wins increasingly has more to do with their bank account rather than their merits as a political leader.

3 – The majority of US senate and congress members have backgrounds in law or business. I dunno about you, but it really makes me wonder why we don’t have members with backgrounds in all of the other crucial components of society, ie medical, science, engineering, agriculture, etc.

Gotta go to class, so I only had time to give you 3.