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Justin # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 8:37 am


We have similar goals.
Only I am in the middle of college and trying to plan it all out.

Here’s how I am doing it, you may have the luxury of not having to go about my way.

I am taking my damn time and preparing myself before I go. I want to be gone for a long time, a very long one. But I am still in the middle of unfinished business here in the States.

So I research! Oh how I do! i read how to travel lightly and cheaply! I read blogs of people who have circumvented the globe! I look at airline rewards! Hotel costs!

I think of the places I will go, notes places want to go… note stops that might be of interest. And I keep in mind that all of this will probably go out the window when the journey begins.

I’m also picking up some languages that can be of use. You pick up things when you are immersed much faster, but I think a basis helps.

And all in all.. I work on my own self-development.

The thing is, I have time. You might not.

To me, every step of this preproduction ( sorry, i’m a film student) just increases my anticipation for when it all starts.

Also, keep in mind the USA ( where I assume you are from) Is hugely vast and full of all sorts of cultures and places to sail. You can even start now.

Hope this helps.