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Zykanthos # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 8:59 pm

I was the exact, same way.

Since I graduated, I have been to 7 different countries in Europe, and have been to Spain on 5 separate occasions. I’m now 26 years old and am ready to settle down a bit and focus on my future and career.

I say this sincerely and with the utmost conviction…..definitely go and travel the world! See as many places as you can! There is nothing that compares to getting out and experiencing the world you live in. Nothing compares to immersing yourself into a foreign culture. It’s humbling, and it makes you appreciate the world and your fellow human beings. Do as much traveling as you can. I am not done traveling the world, by any means. But I have to focus on some other things right now.

The key is to do what we love and yet figure out a way to take advantage of the unfortunate system we have – aka MONEY. What you HAVE TO REALIZE is that you CAN make a living in this world by doing what you love, but it’s entirely up to your dedication. Only YOU are going to know what you’re meant to do with your life. It’s all a matter of how badly you want something, and how you make it manifest into your life by willing it to (the law of attraction).