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noitanigami # Posted on January 22, 2013 at 7:34 pm


Absolutely, it provides so much experience for introspection. it really helped me find value in everything revolving around socialism. i had enough time to fall deep into loneliness ( miserably wishing for company) but then i became ok with being simply alone (being aware there is no one else around, but fine with the fact). some of my most memorable times were traveling alone. Believe me i wanted so badly at some points to be in the company or warm others, but i continued to dig into it, and why. Ultimately i returned to my ‘Natural’ state with value for what i and others provide in a mutual community. it really is, in my opinion, essential travel. It can be hard but when you spend time in the polarities of your emotions, feelings, and thoughts you can return so much stronger and wiser. Please do my friend, please for the sake of humanity.