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Anonymous # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 9:39 am

@gracyfacey719, I understand now. Yes the roles are set, and they’re not changing overnight. There are ways to come around though. If you feel physically threatened maybe you should take a class on personal defense.

I guess that where I’m to get at is: knowledge is freedom. Sure, the roles are set but you can chose on not playing this game. Try to be the master of your fate. I’ve felt limitation before. Realizing that I chose that helped to brake the chains. Trying to “fight the power” like I see many people do, if not futile most of the times, is silly. You are a woman. Feeling sorry will not change it. Complaining about it won’t either. Believe I know it is not easy.. At all. But I tell you it is possible. Focus your energy on change. Build something new out of yourself.

You said it yourself you’re not shallow, the only way it is easy being a man in our society is if you go down that road. And to be honest and don’t think that’s easy.. It may be comfortable.. I know I wouldn’t go back down that road. Would you go from being a woman to being a shallow man? Out of comfort?

Sometimes we think we already know all that is to life. All the paths you can go, all the things you can choose. If you persist towards freedom you will be amazed at how life gets simpler.

Remember, this is just my view, I encourage you to filter through everything you read/hear. I hope I’m helping in any way.

That you may find strength and light.