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Megan # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 11:56 am

@gracyfacey719, I used to think the same, I used to want to be a boy when I was younger. I still don’t like the fact that we’ve got periods and weak arms, but you know what? As I’ve come to discover myself and become more comfortable and confident in who I am, I’m happy being a woman because I’m happy being ME. I’m not a fan of how society and the media portray women either, HOWEVER, it only just makes me want to say even more “well fuck that, I’m gonna do what I want.” It’s more important for me to be valued by what I do than how I wear my makeup. If the stereotypical “feminine” traits of women and ideas of women do not match how you think and feel, then prove society otherwise and have the confidence to be the woman you want to be. Because that’s what we need in order for ideologies to be re-shaped.

This past year I’ve been living on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and the gender stereotypes here are significantly more apparent than in the States. I cannot walk two blocks without being whistled at or catcalled, and it took a while for me to get used to men staring at me up and down when passing them on the streets. It’s intimidating sometimes. But yea, the genders are very much separated, very black and white. Even just shopping for school supplies, notebooks are either plastered with hot pink and princesses, or dark colors with monster trucks. Some of the sidewalks are just rubble, yet women stumble across them every day in high heels. It’s interesting.